After months of work revamping our site, I am super proud to launch it today!   Our new world class website is a massive co-creative and collaborative realization.  It’s a testament to just how deep the care of regular people around the world runs for solving plastic pollution.  The new site was entirely crowd funded by dozens of small donations and the creative contributions of dozens of creators around the world.  Our launch comes as CNN Indonesia broadcasts a 60 minute prime time special on the Indonesian Ecobrick movement.

Thanks to the guidance of web maestro Reinhart and the support of Rick Smith, our site is running cutting edge Divi 3.0 WordPress Template.  Thanks to the donation of the programmers at WMPL we’re running the top-notch language management platform.  Thanks to our team of translators Clara, Riri, Ani, Nurki, Ai, and more our site and our guidebooks are available in half a dozen languages (though we need new translation help now for all the fresh content).  Thanks to the support of Leslie, Shane, Calvin and more our servers are paid for and running smooth.  Thanks to a recent old-computer donation from Trish Jo, I was able to work on the site myself!

The site is enriched by a slew of fresh content– the most exciting being feature stories on what we’re calling Earth Heroes– ordinary folks who are making an extra-ordinary impact on their community through trash transformation.  Like like Jo, Ibu Sufi, Jane and Pak Agung!  Up and coming Indonesian cartoonist, Fabianus has been working closely with us, to capture our heroes in awesome little cartoons.  After all, ecobricking is even more about people-power, than it is about plastic.  Fabi’s characters are an invaluable addition to the site.

The more technical pages of our site are greatly enhanced by illustrations by Jo Stodgel.  Our vision background and foundational imagery are thanks to Filipino cartoonish El Tiburon Grande.  Our kick ass, 1 minute animations are thanks to Elena.   Ecobrick photography comes from Josephine Chan, Anita Venter, as well as some heart-rending photos of dumpsites by Gai Photography.

A big thank you to all our Pi Patrons– folks who are contributing 3.14$ to the movement.  This is fast becoming the backbone of our online presence as we take care of our monthly software and server expenses.

EVERYTHING is revamped and freshened up.  Here is a quick summary of things to look for:

  • Full revamp our main page, with Fabi heroNew HOW to Ecobrick page:  After three years of no changes, we’ve revamped the step by step instructions for making an Ecobrick.  Includes a new step plus density minimums.
  • New WHY Make Ecobricks page.  You guys will love this– we’ve distilled the core reasons why ecobricking is important and… there were more than we thought!  This is extremely helpful when talking to the media and doing lectures.
  • New Support Section!  These days we get emails from around the world on a daily basis about ecobricks.  To help get the answers up publically we now have a tech support section on our site.  Be great to get some of your help answering questions!
  • New Training Page:  We’ve now got the full list of ecobrick training workshops on an engaging page.  Plus, now we’re offering Skype Trainings for 50$ each.  Any of you want to offer your services with Trainings?  Already we’re getting a demand on the Skype trainings– it would be great to send schedule the trainings with folks in the same country.
  • About Us page revamped with Mission, Vision and Dedication in the forefront.
  • Ecobricks Building Techniques revamped to simply show the five main building techniques with links to more information
  • Plastic is Poison:  A page all about the dangers of plastic.