The Ecobrick
Open Space

Interactive social spaces built from hundreds of ecobrick LEGO modules.

Introducing the Ecobrick Open Space– a revolutionary way to put tons of plastic to good use and create the ultimate ecologically engaging social space.

If you visit a Starbucks or any cafe, its almost taken for granted that the tables couches and chairs are fixed in place for visitors.  Visitors are just that: visitors– the space is dictated and defined. The concept of the Ecobrick Open Space changes all this!  Using ecobricks we invite visitors to be participants and cocreators of their space.  Using a set of hundreds of ecobrick modules, the Open Space empowers the visitor to become participant.  Play and interaction with fellows becomes compulsory as participants choose and create their own experience.

It struck me that nothing would redeem ‘plastic waste’ more than to put it to good use into our cultures most hallowed spaces– a mall, an airport, a main street, a cafe.  But unlike a cafe, why not enable visitors to create their own space?  Ecobricks could then enable not just a place for folks to sit, lounge and chat but to be inspired and empowered.“

– Inventor & Artist, Russell Maier

Ecobrick Open Spaces are an application for communities with thousands of high quality completed ecobricks.  Once combined into sets of hexagonal and triangular milstein modules, as well as Dieleman LEGO modules, sets can be used locally in the community for interactive spaces.  Many of our advanced Ecobrick communities that have sets of 100+ modules rent out their Open Space sets to governments and organizations keen to create a unique space and feature regenerative technology.

For more on the concept, you can read the blog post of inventor and artist Russell Maier.