Ecobricking is not just a technology, it’s a movement.  Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have turned to ecobricks as a way to take personal responsibility for their plastic.

Plastic.  It’s everywhere.  And it unites us.  Taking personal responsibility for one’s waste is the embodiment of Ghandi’s famous words “Be the change you want to see in the world“.

United by plastic, ecobrickers around the world are now not just solving plastic for themselves, but for their neighbourhood, community, and cities.  In cases like Indonesia and the Philippines, they are fast on their way to solving plastic for their countries.

The grassroots, people powered, Ecobrick movement is spreading around the world.  Hundreds of thousands of everyday folks, having seen through the illusions of Industrial ‘Recycling’, the failure of governments and corporations to solve solid ‘waste’, have turned to the abundance of plastic bottles for their personal solution.  Ecobricking has allowed them to take personal responsibility for their plastic, to keep it out of the failing systems and thus their local biosphere, and instead put the plastic to use locally.  The joy and pride from Ecobrickers who have made this transition is what propels the viral spread of Ecobricks around the world.

Ecobrick Groups around the world:

How does it spread?

The Ecobrick movement is people powered– and fundamentally non-capital.  This means that no one gets paid to make an Ecobrick, and that all of the resources that the GEA offers, from our site, to our books, to our app, were manifested through collaboration that received no financial remuneration.  The tremendous amount of work that goes into making an Ecobrick, or for that matter developing our resources, is powered by much more potent motivations than capital.

How does the movement work?

Ecobricking is a low tech, virtually zero cost regenerative technology.  And so too are all the applications of ecobricks.  This is how we’ve designed it!  The dissemination of Ecobricks uses the principles of mandalaic collaboration.  Put simply, the intention is clear (let’s save the plastic from becoming pollution!), the collaboration is accessible (bottles and plastic are everywhere), and the way to collaborate is simple and clear (make an Ecobrick).  Consequently, anyone, anywhere can join the blossoming collaboration– or mandala– as we co-creatively unite in transcending plastic pollution once and for all.

The role of the GEA

The GEA is a not-for-profit, Earth Enterprise that supports the local and global ecobrick movement through the maintenance and development of resources, innovations and technology.  In particular, this website, our Vision Ecobrick publications, the GEA trainer network and the GoBrik application.  We’re here to hold the space for the unfolding dissemination of ecobricking and the raising of ecological consciousness that the spread entails.

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Plastic Can Become Poison

Through sun and water exposure, plastic breaks down into environmental toxins and microplastics.  Packing it into an ecobrick secures it from poisoning the biosphere. 

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