Introducing Dieleman LEGO Modules

Build with Ecobricks Vertically

Build Modularly

Making is as easy as taking apart

Your imagination is the limit!

Dieleman modules are a cutting edge low-tech, low-cost modular technology for bottle building.  Assemble ecobricks or bottles to make life-size lego blocks that can be used to assemble– and disassemble– structures in minutes.

Its a way to use bottles and ecobricks like most people have never seen before!  Using simple, low-cost and widely available silicone sealant, combine sets of ecobricks together (they must be exactly the same size/brand of bottle) to make life size LEGO. “DMs” for short,  these modules can be arranged and interlocked horizontally, to build vertically.  No need for any cement or mortar of any kind.   In true, cradle-to-cradle spirit, DM constructions are as easy to take apart as they are to create.

Our pilot schools and groups use them for creating interactive playgrounds– for adults as well as kids.  Sets of DMs are awesome expose for ecobricks at festivals and conferences.  Build walls and towers, rocket ships and more, within minutes.  Ideal for schools and play spaces, DMs make for a whole new world of interactive community play.  Students get hands-on feel for building and team work like never before.

Ecobrickers around the world are also experimenting with making stand alone sculptures, gardens and even buildings with DMs.  You don’t have to use ecobricks, the DMs geometrical formula works for glass bottles as well, as long as they are the same brand/size.



MD modules were invented by GEA principal Russell Maier.  They are named for one of the early pioneering patrons of the ecobrick movement, Andrew Dieleman.

To create an MD module, arrange 14 Ecobricks together in the pattern shown above.  We recommend the use of silicone sealant applied with a caulking gun to join plastic or glass bottles. Use a support half-cut bottle is used to suspend the peg bottle during the module make process.

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