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Introducing GoBrik

Log and connect your Ecobricking with the Community and the World

Now open for beta testing!

Right from the very beginning of the spread of Ecobricks, we observed that schools that tracked their ecobricking (humbly using a clip board, paper and pen) were most likely to see ecobricking transition into a longterm habit.  These schools were then in a position to speak of their success with solid numbers.  With mayors convinced, this in turn saw ecobricks move from schools to municipalities.

For the last two years, the Ecobrick team has been field testing an “app”– a method to log Ecobricks on one’s smart phone.  We are tremendously excited about the potential to solve plastic collaboratively.


The great thing about ecobricks is that it is an intensely local solution– for our homes, for our communities.  Meanwhile, bottles and plastic are consistent worldwide.  There isn’t much difference between plastic bottles and plastic waste in Africa and in Indonesia.  Consequently, our Ecobricks turn out almost exactly the same locally… globally.

By empowering our global community with a universal platform to log, share and connect our local ecobricking, there awaits a deep untapped potential.  By uniting our movement around the world towards precise common goals, we can mandalically mobilize massive collaborations to tackle our plastic problem.


Over 2388 Ecobricks were logged in our first three month run of the first Ecobrick App in Jogja.

In March 2016, we launched the first version of our app to a team of twenty trainers in the city of Jogjakarta, Indonesia.  Basically an upgraded google form embedded in a WordPress site, they were able to log the Ecobricking of hundreds of Jogjans over the course of three months.  In June 2016, we were able to host a ecobrick media event to unveil the Ecobricks that had been made in three months, as well as detailed statistics of the amount of plastic packed, participation and C02 sequestered.  This was followed by the launch of an improved app for NU, a large muslim organization in Jakarta.  Empowered with their own NU App, they began logging and tracking their ecobricks.

Despite the success of our first Jogja and NU apps, the logging functionality was significantly limited.  One could not see or track one’s personal ecobricking.  The logging thus became the responsibility of one or two trainers– the rest recording on paper for these people to process.

With the insights that we have gleaned from our sociological observations of the spread of Ecobricks in Indonesia and the Philippines, coupled with our prototype app field testing, we went back to the drawing board.

Version 2.0

In early 2017, with the guidance of veteran programmers, crypto-currency experts, and data base designer, we had a massive breakthrough in our app development.  Having designed a relational database, we found the platform to create it. Within two months the pieces were in place.

We are thus tremendously excited to launch the second version of our Ecobricks app in the second half of 2017.  Learning from our on-the-ground experience over two years, our new app will take Ecobricking to a whole new level.

The gender distribution of ecobricking in Jogja in 2016. A lot more women than men!


The core of the new Ecobrick App (code named GoBrik) will be to let us log each Ecobrick made– track it’s weight and add up totals on a personal, community, organizational and planet level.
Stuffit Challenge Collaboration

We are beginning the launch of the Ecobrick App, in partnership with The Plastic Solution, based in the Philippines.  For the last year, the Plastic Solution has been packing tons of plastic through their StuffIt Challenge.  We’re pleased to collaborate with them on creating, and achieving our first goal: packing 1000kgs of plastic out of the biosphere and into Ecobricks.



We have been working with our friends at Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), for the last year to introduce ecobricks to their vast network of mosques, Muslim community organizations and boarding schools.  After a full Ecobrick ToT in 2016, the NU LBPI team has been using the first version of the App to log their ecobricks.  From their invaluable field experience, we have been developing the GoBrik app to meet their needs.

The Plastic Solution

An Ecobrick Movement based in the Philippines, the Plastic Solution has been garnering extensive media and public exposure for ecobricks.  They have launched successful StuffIt campaigns to pack ecobricks.  Inspired by their example, and through a mutual collaboration, we are focusing the Ecobrick beta on our collective goal of packing 1000kgs of plastic.

Taman Pertanu Econeighbourhood

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Taman Petanu is the neighbourhood of lead GoBrik developer, Russell Maier.  There, each month the neighbourhood comes together to pack ecobricks– and log them on the GoBrik beta app.  Its the perfect place to field test the community functionality of GoBrik.



Senior Programmers and Consultants

We’re enormously grateful to have the experience and expertise of senior database developer Sarah Gajek, senior mobile app developer Mitch Nik, and senior alternative currency expert Stephen DeMeulenaere to guide the development of our Ecobrick App.


We’re using the awesome translation serve Localize to serve our app in English, Indonesian, and soon other languages.

We’re using the amazing database design and management service of to create the Ecobrick App.

Road Map

The Ecobrick App is developing out of the fold of and the Global Ecobrick Alliance.  In the same spirit of full out collaboration we are sourcing the expertise, skills, and funding for GoBrik through our base of supporters.  We are aiming to emerge the development of the app with the launch of a GoBrik not-for-profit Earth Corporation that will administer the major global project that this endeavor entails.

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We are tremendously excited to launch the second version of our Ecobricks app in the second half of 2017.  Learning from our on-the-ground experience over two years, our new app will not take Ecobricking to a whole new level.