When Ani and Carly asked the room of folks from the village of  Bangli, Bali, Indonesia what they normally do with their plastic wase, the room answered in a loud chorus.

There’s a reason we love doing Ecobrick trainings.  In villages like Bangli there simply wasn’t any other course of action to keeping the streets and community clean before our ecobrick presentation.  In addition, the folks gathered in the room, we’re  unaware of just how toxic the fumes and the fallout from burnt plastic can be.

Our Ecobrick training presentation focuses first and foremost on Why its so important to Ecobrick:  the lack of any deep solutions for plastic and how plastic is toxic when put in the wrong place.  Carly and Ani did an amazing job of engaging the crowd and inspiring them with the simple logic of ecobricks:  if you consume plastic eventually your plastic will contaminate the biosphere.

From there, making an Ecobrick with one’s plastic  is just the logical thing to do.carly in action