Date: 06/13/2021
Type: Online Ecobrick Course
Location: Google meet
Trainer: Roshni Rai
Participants: 7

Today for the review session, we had invited the participants, who had attend our presentation on, ‘, Biosphere and Ecobricks’ in last session with the Ecobricks made by them.

Following are now the certified ecobrickers, after they logged their ecobricks, successfully on gobrik app;

1. Bharati Gurung first certified ecobricker from Sikkim.
2. Vinnie Mathur from Delhi.
3. Raghav Mathur from Delhi
4. M Shraddha Rao from Telangana and
5. Phu Rinzing from Darjeeling.

We asked the participants to share their screen and guided them to log on their ecobricks on gobrik app.

By doing online session, we managed to save 496grams of plastics from going into biosphere by making Ecobricks in different parts of India.

Little bit of internet connection problem otherwise session went very smoothly.

I could log in the Ecobricks of the person, who was facing the network issue.


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