Date: 04/23/2021
Type: Online Ecobrick Course
Location: Nettle Hill uk
Trainer: Abigail Lynch
Participants: 3

The Workshop went well, it was with 3 ladies that had already showed an interest in the Ecobrick Village project we are running at Nettle Hill and this was a great time to get them altogether and go through how to make the bricks well and why we make them, how we can use them and the amazing job they are all doing.

we did the workshop at the venue where we are doing the ecovillage project, half outside and half inside due to the weather. I decided to go inside because we needed our hands when we were making the bricks.

the 3 ladies that were apart of the project are my friends and were interested in helping and being apart of the bricks and the building of the play house.

1. I set up the projector and screen outside
2. I had a table set up with my ecobricks
3. I set up tea and coffee with some homemade biscuits
4. I set on the floor a sheet for making the bricks
5. I collected the bottles, clean the plastic and got scissors and bamboos
6. I ask the participants to bring their clean washed, dried plastic and 500ml bottle.

we started outside but I realised half way through I had the wrong slideshow, I then changed to the PDF version I had. We had some good chats and questions about how this is a transitional process and that we have lots of things we can do to reduce our plastic.

we then got onto making the bottles which went really well, the ladies made 2 bottles that have now been loaded and authenticated. one was a little on the low side at 167g for a 500ml bottle, but the lady that did it worked really hard and i was pleased that she was able to finish it and get authenticated . The next one is a 2000ml bottle and is 637g so again pleased they are getting them done.

The great thing is that we are now going to meet once a month to have a chat and a brick session which just makes me so happy to know that it is building a community as well as reducing the plastic and giving it fresh life as well as challenging us all to get ride of plastic out of our lives.

The biggest challenge was having the wrong slideshow.

the other challenge was the weather but thankfully the ladies were happy to go inside.


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