Date: 03/27/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Pedong
Trainer: Roshni Rai
Participants: 21

*Ecobrick Starter Workshop*

Venue – Damsang Guest House, Pedong, Kalimpong, West Bengal.

Date – 27th March, 2021

Time: 10am to 3pm.

GEA (Global Ecobrick Alliance) Certified Ecobrick Trainers- Roshni Rai and Penemit Lepcha.

Support by – Certified Ecobrickers-
Certified ecobricker
1) Ritika Rai
2)Uden Bhutia
3) Aakash Ghimiray
4) Lalita Gurung
5) Kanchan Chettri
6) Apsana Tamang
7) Gracy Rai
8)Amisha Bagdas
9) Gitanjali Sunam

Session flows:

● The presentation on Plastic, the biosphere & ecobricks was presented by the trainers with examples, it was an extremely interactive session with mutual learning for every one involved.

● Guided ecobricking was done for 21 participants, who were guided by GEA trainer & trained Ecobricker.

●Home cooked lunch was arranged according to GEA workshop guidelines.

● 21 ecobricks were made from the household segregated plastics .

● GoBrik account was created and ecobricks were logged by 21 participants.

● Ecobrick module made – Hexagon Milstein Module

● Ecobricker certificates were presented to all 21 participants for making their 1st quality ecobrick as per GEA standards.

Following are the GEA certified ecobrickers from today’s workshop:

1) Bipul N. Pradhan -147g
2) Krishna Sharma- 154g
3) Navin Baraily -132g
4) Rongmit Lepcha – 139g
5) Anirudra Rai-147g
6) Sudarshan Gurung-121g + 96g+96g
7) Ganga Bhujel-117g
8) Anshika Rai-132g
9) Pratima Gurung -144g
10) Ankita Rai-158g
11) Priyam Gurung-152g
12) Prisika Rai-135g
13) Sunaina Bhujel-122g
14) Deepa Sharma-144g
15) Anuja Kumari Singh-142g
16) Sanjila Rai-120g
17) Indira Sharma- 147g
18) Sunaina Bhitrikoti -135g
19) Diya Bhitrikoti-127g
20)Passang Bhutia-145g
21)Tendup Lepcha-160g

In total, we saved 3kg 416 grams of plastics from going into the biosphere.


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