Date: 03/12/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Chesterfield
Trainer: Rosalyn Davey
Participants: 10

Over 2 Fridays I have completed a starter workshop with some pupils in my school (due to GDPR I haven’t included the participants in my photos). We had a great discussion about plastic – what is made from it, why and where it comes from. The children were very knowledgeable about recycling but didn’t realise that recycling has implications for the environment too. Children are very on board with being responsible for the plastic we use as a school. I felt it was successful.

Used the pdf file sent from ecobrick trainer sessions to present. Bottles collected from school caretaker and plastic collected around school.

Talked through the pdf in the first week and started the bricks in the following week. We will complete the bricks during our Friday ecobrick club.

The fact that they all came back in the second week to help during their dinner break made me smile.

Having sharp enough scissors available!


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