Date: 02/12/2021
Type: Trainer Praticum Starter Workshop
Location: Upper Menchu , Sakyong
Trainer: Penemit Lepcha
Participants: 5

I did this practicum workshop with 5 participants from my village. I had informed them a week before to segregate and clean plastics from their household. I managed to provide them pet bottles of same brand and bamboo sticks.
I simply used my laptop to show the prse ration on Plastic, theBiosphere & Ecobricks.

It went well and all were very much interested to know the fact and reality behind the story of plastics .
Participants were very enthusiastic to reduce the use of plastic.

Following are the names of participants of today’s practicum ecobrick workshop along with their ecobrick weight in 250 ml bottol:-
1) Ayush Subba – 135 gm
2) Mala Subba – 126 gm
3) Sneha Rai – 111 gm
4) Swarnima Pradhan – 113gm
5) Bandana Rai – 122 gm

In total 607 grams of plastics saved from going into the Biosphere by making 5 ecobricks.


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