Date: 01/16/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Kalimpong, West Bengal
Trainer: Ashim Khawas
Participants: 18

Ecobrick Starter Workshop

Venue – B. S. A Boys
6th mile, kalimpong, West Bengal, India

Date – 16th January, 2021

Time: 10 am to 4 pm.

Organisors: District Child Protection unit, kalimpong & B. S. A Boys

GEA (Global Ecobrick Alliance) Certified Ecobrick Trainer- Ashim khawas

Support by – Certified Ecobrickers- Penemit Lepcha & Narip Lepcha

Session flows:

● The presentation on Plastic, the biosphere & ecobricks was presented with beautiful examples, it was an extremely interactive session with mutual learning for every one involved

● Guided ecobricking was done for 19 participants settled into a single round circle guided by GEA trainer & trained Ecobrickers.

● GoBrik account was created and ecobricks were logged.

● 19 ecobricks were made under GEA density standards from the household segregated plastics & local cloth stores.

● Ecobricker certificates will be given to 18 participants for making their 1st quality ecobrick as per GEA standards.

Following are the GEA certified ecobrickers from today’s workshop with their ecobrick weight

PET Bottle used – 200ml

1. B. S. A BOYS – 72 gm
2. B. S. A BOYS – 71 gm
3. B. S. A BOYS – 92 gm
4. B. S. A BOYS – 102 gm
5. B. S. A BOYS – 97 gm
6. B. S. A BOYS – 79 gm
7. B. S. A BOYS – 83 gm
8. B. S. A BOYS – 81 gm
9. B. S. A BOYS – 97 gm
10. B. S. A BOYS – 85 gm
11. B. S. A BOYS – 102 gm
12. B. S. A BOYS – 82 gm
13. B. S. A BOYS – 90 gm
14. B. S. A BOYS – 104 gm
15. B. S. A BOYS – 103 gm
16. B. S. A BOYS – 90 gm
17. B. S. A. BOYS (Sister) – 100 gm
18. Punam Rai (DCPU) – 101 gm
19. Narip Lepcha (trained ecobricker) – 98 gm
20. Penemit Lepcha (trained ecobricker)
21. Ashim Khawas (Ecobrick Trainer)

Total plastics saved from going to the biosphere – 1kg 718gm.

● Hexagonal Ecobrick stool was made from 19 ecobricks

In the end of the session, we concluded by making road map for the followup session and also discussed the use of ecobrick for different kind of modules. To make it more effective, ecobrick furniture, bed, stool and many beautiful ecobrick modules was projected in the screen made from different ecobrick community all over the world. After watching it, all of the participants were highly motivated to make more ecobrick modules.


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