Date: 12/23/2020
Type: Earth Building Starter Workshop
Location: Kalimpong, West Bengal
Trainer: Ashim Khawas

In the process of Mandala making, I have felt that when we do with different individuals while making partner Mandala and group Mandala, the energy that radiates to create the art unites the thought process and distributes quatily to all like nature does to all living species.

The lesson I have learnt for making earth module are as follows

Use square tiles for laying cement foundation to get smooth base.
Use earth (soil) which takes less sand while for making cob.
Final layering is very important to give perfect shapes.

1st I tried with red soil where I found that it was taking more sand i.e., 1soil : 5 sand.
Next, I tried using black soil where I found that it was taking less sand as compared to red soil i.e., 1 soil : 3 sand.

I have used straw from crops as binders which binds perfect for making cob balls.

My next earth building project is to make earth stools at my Pedong Community Hub and also will be working with Bastar region located at Chattisgarh, India for making ecobrick earth stool using ocean brick.


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