Date: 07/29/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: waiheke island
Trainer: Trisha Joe
Participants: 4

The workshop went well, however we had to finish it an hour earlier as it became too noisy due to work going on around the property. Despite that, we had fun and the basic were learnt and the attendees were very happy with the workshop and have been in touch since with questions and are busy filling their ecobricks. I am hoping 1 or 2 will take on the challenge for the local community to help create a project.

The venue was the Waiheke resources Trust centre where many workshops are held and is also the Sustainability centre for the island. It is well known amongst locals and they have Kai conscious Fridays and many workshops on sustainability so the best place to have an Ecobricks workshop. I asked attendees to save clean, dry plastic and bring along empty PET bottles. I also asked a local food supplier for some of their plastic waste but in fact we had plenty for the workshop. I also took along extra scissors and bamboo sticks.I learnt how to master Chrome cast using the projector and screen for the first time so upgrading my tech skills was a bonus.

Everyone arrived on time and were enthusiastic about the concept as there was an article in the local paper and also online and on Facebook as part of ‘Plastic free july ‘ where many workshops were available co-hosted by the Sustainability Trust.

An Ecobrick was finished with a couple of people working together on it- one cutting and the other pushing plastic into the bottle.

Only the unexpected noise from the waterblaster ( the venue organiser forgot to mention this! ) so the workshop was cut short, however the principles were taken on

Check to make sure Venue is going to be quiet. Otherwise I was very pleased with it.


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