Date: 06/22/2020
Type: GEA Webinar
Location: Zoom
Trainer: Russell Maier
Participants: 10

Ten GEA Trainers joined us to setup the new GEA file server using Vultr and NextCloud. We setup an Ubuntu server and installed the NextCloud application. We setup admin accounts for all the participants and went over the reasons why we’ve moved from DropBox, Gmail, Drive and Google Docs to this open source, independent platform.

Each participant was asked to setup a Vultr account before we started. Participants were also asked to follow along with the isntallation of the NextCloud apps.

During the webinar we were able to setup the server and get the first accounts installed. We ran into a snag with the DNS setup of the files.mandala.team domain name in the NextCloud config. Later Russell was able to set this up properly (turns out the DNS was previously setup for that exact domain and was conflicting with our new setup!).

Despite the snags, we setup the server together– launching a great collaborative start to our new team collaboration platform. The server is now setup, all our GEA files are synced, backed up and we’re slowly getting everyone onboarded to their Nextcloud, wordpress and @ecobricks.org accounts.

We’ll now need to follow up with a second workshop where we show everyone how to sync their devices and use the NexCloud platform.


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