Date: 05/01/2020
Type: Trainer Praticum Starter Workshop
Location: zoom
Trainer: Trisha Joe
Participants: 14

This went really well considering it was only decided on a few days before but we wanted to take advantage of the fact that everyone was at home during Covid-19 lockdown. The participants were all eager to learn about Ecobricks and this was our first attempt to explain the system. We followed up with everyone and got very good feedback

Due to lockdown, we were able to do this workshop on Zoom and had 3 people from out of NZ which was encouraging. We used a power point presentation which Raquel Schauff and I shared.

Raquel and I introduced ourselves then went on to do a power point presentation and shared the ‘talking’.

Everyone was very keen to start collecting plastic and bottles for the next session and there were many Q and A’s.

It was our first meeting with Zoom and a couple of people could not get into the meeting, otherwise we found it a very valuable platform.

We need to do less on the community aspect and spend more time encouraging people to start and finish making an Ecobrick, logging it on the site and then we can expand the ideas for community. We learnt how to record the session so once we master the presentation, we can email it to any participants who can share with their friends and for those unable to attend the live session. I think with NZ being a small country, however very spread out with people in many areas, Zoom provides a good platform to get more people engaged and would also be a time saver and avoid the necessity to travel, hire a venue etc.


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New Zealand,