Date: 03/21/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Bogor
Trainer: Shiddiq Rillo
Participants: 2

This is my first time to lead a workshop. I did it in my house in Bogor, West Java at March 21, 2020. This workshop held with 2 participants which is my Father and my sister.

We started collect the plastics about 2 weeks ago. I use laptop only because it’s more effective and efficient. I also bring some ecobrick with me to show how it will done when they finished their own brick.

Pretty well

It’s not a formal one but I love to share what I’ve learned from GEA training and they seemed interested

My city are in lockdown because of Covid-19 pandemic. So it’s really hard even to collect plastics for one week.

Just do like a water flows. I should read more about the presentation so I can be better next time


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