Date: 03/07/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Leek, Staffordshite
Trainer: Diane Cripps-Brodie
Participants: 12

I held a starters workshop in Leek Staffordshire, there were approx 12 people who attended the workshop. One of the ladies has been ecobricking for nearly 2 years, where as other attendee’s have never ecobricked before but wanted to understand the concept. I went through the presentation & we started to make ecobricks. We run out of time before anyone could finish their ecobricks but alot of the attendee’s are wanting to continue to make ecobricks & start their own projects

When arranging the workshop, I asked for the attendee’s to collect, wash & dry their plastic and bring it a along. I worked through the presentation & added some more project pictures. I made sure took some scissors, poking sticks, spare bottles , spare plastic & a set of scales. to the workshop to make sure that everyone could make an ecobrick whilst at the workshop. we kept weighing the ecobricks, I was telling them all how much more they needed to put into their ecobricks.

I started with an ice breaker, then went through the presentation, asking questions & tried to get everyone discussing plastic, how they use it etc. we had discussions all the way through, with most people giving stats and facts about plastic. We then went on to making our ecobricks. I was giving little tips about when to put different types of plastic into the bottle.

the group are going to start making ecobricks & they are going to make a raised flower bed. Also another member works at a school vulnerable teenagers / young adults, she has said she is very intersted in starting a project also.

I speak through the slides too quick & I jumped ahead a bit, I need to look at the flow of the presentation and make it more like me


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