Date: 02/08/2020
Type: Trainer Praticum Starter Workshop
Location: A room in a guesthouse
Trainer: Marcus Woell
Participants: 7

I did the practice workshop in a room of a guesthouse and 7 participants took part. The presentation went very well, we discussed about the questions and about recycling. After the presentation we built ecobricks. The participants understood why it is important to cut the plastic in small pieces.
At least I made the experience to have not enough plastic. But as a summary the workshop went very well. 2 or 3 participants registered after on gobrik!

I have a lot of plastic at home so no need to collect.
No projector available but with that number of participants it was fine. I have had enough sticks and bottles but not enough plastics. I showed up with a module, a ready ecobrick and a cigbrick

There was not one highlight, the complete workshop was a highlight!

To prepare myself and the plastic material better.


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Cambodia, gobrik