Date: 11/18/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Village Hall, Swanton Morley, Norfolk
Trainer: Tina McGrane
Participants: 20

A local Brownie and Rainbow group is working on their environmental badge and learning how to make ecobricks was allocated to one session. The girls were excited to learn how they could contain the possible harmful plastic.
Sadly we could only talk briefly about the ins and outs of ecobricks

I brought ready cut plastic, tools and matching bottles. The Brownie Leader also had bottles that were started but an older scout group.

the children were excited and the adults were great helpers too.

working with young children is a real joy but the chaos is often greater than the achievement. keeping the cut plastic either on the table or in the bottle is difficult and one often has to chase after a load of micro plastics.

I have over committed myself in 2019 and offered too much help and advice, specially as it was mostly for free.
I am now insisting on minimum donations from people who would like me to help or work with me. So far that is going ok.


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