Date: 11/08/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Reading Room in Gressenhall Norfolk
Trainer: Tina McGrane
Participants: 6

This was a starter workshop we I ran over two Friday evenings. 11th and 18th November. The first session was the presentation with questions and answers at the end and then the youtube clip. then a demonstration on how to save plastics and then make. the second session was started with another youtube clip, question and answers and then making of ecobricks. So far I am most pleased with this workshop as it was held in the village next to mine and I can still see the snowball effect. I will hold a monthly pop in session in the Reading room in Gressenhall.

I was found by a lady from Gressenhall village. Her and the Lady who runs the choir there (which I since have joined) are eager to bring the community together and help individuals to reduce their consumption and look after their planet, starting locally. The room is given to me for free, participants will give a donation for my time and I bring cake along. I had to source computer and projector and download youtube clips as there is no internet.

it was a small number of participants but all those who came are still ecobricking and addressing their consumption habits. The practical session was great fun, as we all know each other from choir now. I brought ready cut plastic and made sure every participants finished a 500ml bottle and could take 1l bottles for the larger community project home.

Since November Gressenhall has produced over 10 ecobricks and Myrna Kemp is a busy validating on the gobrik app. Her bricks have also been recommend to the hall of fame 🙂 She has booked me to speak to her church community inn April.
the first pop in ecobrick club session will be in January and new people have asked to come along.


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