Join us for a our an in-depth Ecobrick training session in Jogja, Indonesia, in January 2017.  Together we will delve into the science, philosophy and practice of ecobricking.  Led by Ecobrick principals Russell Maier and Ani Himawati, this three day workshop will empower you with the fundamentals to lead Ecobrick Starter workshops yourself.   Successful participants will be accredited as Global Ecobrick Trainers.

Dates: January 12,13,14
Day 1: Theory and Science 10AM to 3PM
Day 2: Practicum and module making, 10AM to 3PM
Day 3: Exhibition Closing Day 6pm-10pm
Language: Indonesian/English
Cost: 300,000 Rp.

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In coordination with the Ecobrick Convergence in Jogja, at the Sankring Art Space during the first two weeks of 2017, we will be holding an in-depth ecobrick training session from January 12-14.  This ‘Training of Trainer” or ToT session, prepares individuals (who usually have already been ecobricking) to share ecobricking with others.

The Jogja ToT will be lead by Russell Maier and Ani Himawati– leaders in the global ecobrick movement. They have extensive experience mobilizing and disseminating community empowerment projects on the municipal, provincial and national level. Although ecobricks spread on their own, the GEA training by Russell and Ani is crucial help ensure that your movement begins with the best techniques.  Ani and Russell will also show how to use the extensive resources of the Global Ecobrick Alliance to share ecobricks.  These presentations, booklets, animations, movies and more have been crowd-created by ecobrickers around the world and will help your sharing of ecobricks greatly.

The Curriculum

ToT participants learn hands on over the course of three days, from Russell and Ani. The seminar covers four main areas: Why Ecobrick, How to Ecobrick, How to build, and How to Train Others. The seminar is half theory and half hands-on learning. Trainers will literally be getting their hands dirty ecobricking, building modules and standing up to teach.

  • Why Ecobrick
    • Scientific facts about plastic
    • Facts about traditional waste management and recycling
    • The dangers of plastic once it gets into the environment
  • How to Ecobrick
    • How to pack a bottle with plastics properly
    • How to log a completed Ecobrick
    • How to prepare for community projects
  • How to build with Ecobricks
    • How to run a community construction project
    • How to make Ecobrick Modules
    • Principles of Ecobrick Garden making
  • How to lead Ecobrick Training workshops
    • Practice leading a presentation
    • Step by step methodology using Ecobricks Powerpoint
    • Available Resources


About the the Trainers