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Ecobricking is simple– but its crucial to get started right.  Learning from our own ecobricking success and failures, our GEA team has created some awesome tools, guides and resources to help you get going. Signup for a free account to access.

Your account will get you started determining your personal Plastic Transition Ratio.  You’ll get  access to our comprehensive Vision Ecobrick Guidebooks.  And you’ll receive our 12 part, week-by-week Ecobrick Email Introduction that walks you through the essential techniques and principles of ecobricking.

Track your Personal Plastic Transition

The process of ecobricking sure and steady leads to not just a zero-waste lifestyle, but a transition away from plastic.  We’ll help you track your evolving relationship with plastic over time using what we call your Plastic Transition Ratio.  Your account will guide you through the process of saving, weighing, and recording each month your plastic consumption vs plastic sequestration.  Later, this will get you started on our new app that is currently under development for ecobrickers…

Vision Ecobrick Guide Books

Get access to our Vision Ecobrick Guides. These in-depth PDF boolets and presentations will walk you through the essential principles, techniques and best practices of ecobricking. Packed with awesome illustrations, the guide book can be easily printed, photocopied and shared.

Introduction to Ecobricking E-mail Course

Sign up to receive a 10 part email course that will introduce you to the various aspects of ecobricking.   Each week you’ll receive a new installment, ranging from How to Make an Ecobrick to How to Build with Ecobricks.

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