Our new Vision Landscape for 2020 is a visual representation of our vision for plastic transition, regeneration, earth building, and Ayyew living – by Fabianus Bayu, Russell Maier, El Tiburon Grande

Annual GEA trainer letter
by Russell and Ani,
GEA Core Team,
Sent January 3rd, 2020
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Dear Trainers,

This email is going out to the 300 of us GEA Trainers. Happy New Years to everyone!

And, greetings from snowy cold Canada.

​​Ani and I are visiting my family for the December Holidays and enjoyed a very authentic white Christmas. We hope you guys are all also having a wonderful holidays with your friends and family.

But, yikes!

There’s a lot of plastic being consumed here in Canada. :-/

Visiting the shopping malls here where I grew up and seeing how pervasive plastic is in the lives of family has been a real wake up call. Its been overwhelming and disheartening seeing just how massive and mighty the consumption stands. I know that many of you feel the same.

In the face of the power and pervasiveness of the petro-capital economy, I feel it is essential we look down at our feet at the road we are walking and take stock of where we are now. Only then, let us look up and out to the decade ahead and rest our eyes on the horizon where that road of resonance were walking together, is taking us.

I’ve been waking up before dawn the last week precisely because it’s been dawning on me just how solid the groud is that we are now, this moment, standing on.

Our work over the last five years has built​​ a rock solid foundation for the Global Ecobrick Alliance. This includes our training methodology, our presentations, our manual blockchain, our app, our website, our team platforms, our earth enterprise structure, our catalyst program, but most of all… US.

We have some tremendously exciting and important co-creations ahead of us. As ecobrickers we are at the forefront of the global regenerative movement– the vanguard of realizing the full restorative potential of humanity.

We are called to rise up and exemplify a brilliantly harmoniously relationship with the earth.

For those of us with homes, it means using our ecobricking to go beyond household zero-waste in the next years. It means not just creating ecobricks and our own furniture– but to realize our own thriving earth and ecobrick gardens and Ayyew households. It means exemplifying harmonious, eco-enriching homes, and the leading-by-example inspiration of our communities. Indeed, it is in the next years, I see my own home merging with my earth and ecobrick circular garden.

For those of us leading in our communities, it means going beyond sharing ecobrick with our community. It means more than just making furniture or doing demos for festivals and events– but presiding over the realization of all sorts of inspiring ecobrick community collaborations– open spaces, boats, islands, walls, but most especially gardens– green spaces that embody the regenerative principles that guide us. Indeed, it is this year that I see our focus turn to building community food forest play parks in our communities!

For those of us leading local regional movements it means going beyond working with local governments, school boards, politicians, NGOs, companies and corporations. It means not just completing projects or spending their money, but using ecobricking as a way to guide their good intentions towards equal collaborations that embody regenerative principles from the ground up. It means making our training, building, and catalyzation services professionally available. It means realizing food food forest play parks, bus shelters, community centers, and more with them– spaces where regenerative principles and technologies far beyond ecobricks will shine. Indeed, it is in the next years that I see teams of GEA Earth and Ecobrick builders fanning out around our countries to manifest dazzling collaborative earth builds and mandalic collaborations.

For those of us with companies, it means going beyond selling “green”, “sustainable” or “zero-waste” products or services. It means not just making and selling products and services that are organic or non-plastic, but fundamentally ensuring that our business processes impact the world in a positive, principled, re-greening way. It means ensuring our business sequester more carbon and plastic than they produce and abundantly providing for us and our teams. Indeed, it is the in the next years that I see the GEA and our personal businesses providing abundant personal sustenance and leading the way as dazzlingly earth enriching enterprises.

For those of working on our digital platforms it means more than just making popular apps and websites. It means not just building platforms that work smoothly and get lots of hits– but ensuring that all our servers, software, processes and platforms are in line with the regenerative principles of our movement. It means using these platforms to open up the content development, software development, and economic decision making of the enterprise to full collaboration and democratic decision making, and healthy, happy collaboration. Indeed, it is in the next years that I see our digital development empowering millions towards their plastic transition, supplementing the big corporate platforms using the best of blockchain and the best from the open source movement.

Yes, it can be daunting looking at all the crazy consumption and environmental destruction going around us. But, Margaret Mead once wrote…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

We’re 300 facing the decade ahead. And guided by our ecobricking, we’re armed with literally the most powerful force in the universe: RESONANCE.

Arm to arm, we’re not alone. Each of brings with them their own communities of ecobrickers. And many of those in your communities are passionate leaders themselves, set to leap to the fore in ways we can’t even imagine.

Together we have a full out social movement to manifest the beautiful world we all know is possible.

2020’s… Off we go!

Russell & Ani


Our Earth day 2020 vision for the decade ahead: Earth & Ecobrick building and Regenerative Living.