We’re working on a massive revamp of the Ecobricks website, and I am honored and excited by what is coming together. Sure, our site will have all the info, techniques, and theory you need to get going with ecobricks. But, even more important, we’re going to have stories. Real stories– the epic, the tragic, the heroic– in all cases, inspiring– of real people around the world who have taken the lead in their community to confront one of the great banes of our age: plastic pollution.
The Filipino cartoonist El Tiburon Grande developed our core imagery. From there, the young and vibrant Indonesian cartoonist Fabianus Bayu has jumped in. He’s helped craft caricatures of all our heroes. At first I was a tad skeptical of his SouthPark’esque style– but as I integrate the images into our site and app, I just love the way the work on the screen. Whether its a mobile or desktop, they pop and add character (literally) to our media.
Stay posted.  Our site is on track to be launched next week!