learning to log

Trainers in Jogja learn how to use their smart phones to log their ecobricks onto a Jogja wide database. They will teach this skill to their future students.

After almost a year on the drawing board, the Ecobricks.org team, and the Yogyakarta Environment Agency, are excited to launch our pilot Ecobricks web app.  This simple online form is being used by our team of 18 trainers to empower 463 community recycling centers in Jogja.  It will allow Ecobrickers in Jogja to log their ecobricks as they make them.

The Ecobricks Web Log is part of collaboration between Ecobricks.org, the Bank Sampahs of Jogja, and the Yogyakarta Environment Agency that will culminate on World Environment Day, June 6th.

Over the next three months, leading up to this day, each of the 463 community recycling banks in Jogja, will ecobrick and make modules.  The ecobricks will all be logged using the web app, allowing the city to quantify and gather statistics on the ecobricking.  We will be able to show the net mass of plastic ecobricked, the number of participants, and most interestingly, the net amount of C02 sequestered.

logging 2The Web App is currently only for the Jogja ecobricking project.  However, anyone can view the app and the ongoing tally of ecobricks being made for world environment day.  The form uses Google Docs forms and Sheets.

We have much more ambitious plans for this web app and are looking for help with Java scripting and Android/iOS development.  Please contact us if you can help out!  This is a tremendously exciting web development project that will help sequester C02 and keep plastic out of the biosphere.