trashhero collaboration

We’re super excited to announce that TrashHero and are partnering up!

TrashHero is a movement of folks around South East Asia to pick up trash off the beaches.  Ecobricks is a movement of people in South East Asia transforming trash into useful plastic ecobricks.  See a connection?

So did we! After all, we all share the same pressing question: What to do with the trash once its picked up?  Where to put it next?  The team has been working on this question for the last three years.  Of course, not all ocean waste can be ecobricked easily, but some of it certainly can.  And here, we can start with a deep trans-formative solution to the ocean waste from “Trash” to “Resource”.  And of course, if we all saw our plastic this way… it wouldn’t have made its way into the ocean in the first place.

The first Ecobricks and TrashHero collaboration starts… tomorrow!

EcoBricks-5Key members in our movements, as well as the Bali and Jogjakarta permaculture movements (because living in a garden without plastic is really the solution!) are convening at the Fairmont Sanur (a hotel that has completely instituted ecobricking of their waste) for a two day workshop on plastic.

We’ll be doing deep into our Plastic, the Environment and Ecobricks, Trainer of Trainer presentation, looking at the path of plastic, the perils of plastic, and the ecobrick solution.  We’ll all get an in-depth feel for how to new cover2present the Plastic Problem (and solutions) to others.  We’ll refine together the opensource presentation in both English and Indonesian so that it is even more effective at raising ecological consciousness.

We’ll also be launching the new Ecobricks App for use in Bali!  The app will enable ecobrick logging and stats as we take ecobricking to new communities.

The Ecobricks Trainer of Trainer Seminar event can be found on Facebook.