Its official!  After months of laying the ground work, we are excited to announce the first ever Ecobrick Convergence. The grand opening of this month long exhibition will be held on January 6th, 2017 at the Sankring Art Space in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.  The exhibition will be up until January 14th.

The exhibition will energize and showcase the phenomenal adoption of Ecobricks in Jogja– and around the world.  The exhibition will be a massive collaboration among the over 500 community groups who are ecobricking in the city. Each group is expect to participate and help cocreate a showcase of ecobricking innovation. The collaboration is also open globally. Groups around the world will also be able to contribute to the exhibition.

The Global Ecobrick Alliance, The Global Ecovillage Network, the City of Jogja and Sankring Art Space (the biggest and coolest space we could find in the city!) are making this happen. Artists Russell Maier and Ani Himawati are orchestrating the collaboration.

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