Akademy Bambu Nusantara is now Ecobrick empowered. ABN is an amazing organic laboratory where they experiment in making just about everything you can imagine with Bamboo.  Located in Tegerang Selatan, near Jakarta Indonesia, Global Ecobrick Alliance Trainers Russell, Ani and Resa, lead an Ecobrick Starter Workshop at ABN’s bamboo auditorium.  The event was hosted by ABN as a training for their staff, craftsmen and the neighboring school.


ABN hosted a zero-plastic traditional meal!

They learned why it’s bad for the environment to dump their plastics in the river (as they had been doing before) and how instead how they can do so much better by segregating they packing their plastics into bottles.  Everyone had a chance to not only make ecobricks, but also to silicone together a hexagon ecobrick module.  The ABN craftmen now have it to sit on while they build bamboo bike frames.

The Global Ecobrick Alliance is excited to evolve their partnership and see what comes from the combination of bamboo and Ecobricks!


Here is Russell Maier, from the GEA and Das Albanti, one of the ABN directors, with Das’s first Ecobrick. (218grams). Good work Das!