Blog post from Russell Maier, Bali Indonesia

So this is pretty awesome.  It just so happened that the conference that I attended in Jakarta last week was hosted at the Jakarta Fairmont– you may have seen my posts over the last year that the Fairmont Sanur Bali has been pioneering full ecobrick implementation.  It was too interesting a coincidence to pass up.

img_1928Every month each employee at the Fairmont Bali, from the security guards to the GM, makes one ecobrick from their department’s plastic.  They now have many ecobricks and modules.


Soooo… on the way to the airport for the conference, I picked up a modulefrom Wirati the head of the Fairmont Sanur’s Environment Committee.  I let the Fairmont Jakarta know that we had a gift for them.

At the conclusion of the Jakarta conference, the GM of the Fairmont Jakarta, found time to make it up to our hall and meet me.  I was able to hand over to Carlios a Fairmont Bali ecobrick module as a gift. Of course, I also explained how their sister hotel has implemented ecobricks as a way  to go zero waste.

Inspired and intrigued… Carlos is already talking about how they can emulate this at the Fairmonth Jakarta.  The trash transformation virus spreads!