The first edition of the Vision Ecobrick v 3.2 Guide is now available in Nepali.

After a month of hard work, collaboration and translation our first edition of the Vision Ecobricks Guide in Nepali is ready for Nepal!  In the spirit of open source co-creation, we’ve had help from all over to make this translation happen. A big thanks to the folks at Sattya Media, lead translator Ujjwal Pyakurel, project manager Robic Ae, and Aku, Sebu, Julie, Nera, and BK who were instrumental in a smooth manifestation– and of course the myriad of artists, illustrators, writers, proof readers and more who have made this amazing and powerful document a reality. A big thanks to Jane Dolbey, Dan Millstein, Afton, Claire and Betsy who help us pull the funds together for the translation and forthcoming Nepali artwork within 24hours of me making the call!

Just yesterday I handed the first copy to Shilshila from the Himalayan Climate Initiative– her eyes lit up with the imminent possibilities. And today BAC Art Cafe, The Hub, Friends of Sanku and more will get their awaited copy– I can’t wait to see how the Nepali trash transformation unfolds!

Download your 100% free and shareable copy here!