preview 2After six months of hard work, we’re very excited to release the first version of our new Menjaga Lingkungan dengan Ecobricks Presentaci  or Ecobricks and the Environment presentation/booklet.  This presentation has been carefully crafted with the help of illustrators and writers and ecobrickers around the world to answer one question:  Why Ecobrick?  The booklet confronts head on the ignorance on the perils of plastic.

The booklet is only available in Indonesian at the moment– the language where we have been focusing our content development.  The guide will shortly be released in English.

recycling fallacy1

How does recycling really work? Our guide confronts the big illusions surrounding plastic.

Whereas the Vision Ecobrick Guide is designed for teachers and the school system, Ecobricks and the Environment is designed for students and the public.  The guide methodically goes through the widespread illusions and misconceptions and ignorances around plastic and recycling. Where does trash really go?  How does recycling really work?  What’s the big deal about plastic in the environment anyway?

Once its clear that every single piece of plastic that we consume eventually ends up in the biosphere, we take a look at what we can do.   One of these things is of course… to go zero waste and ecobrick your plastic.

17 Plastic + fire + sun + water = poisonSmell some plastic burning in your neighbour’s yard? Download the free guide, print out a copy and give it to your neighbour.  Or send the PDF via bluetooth to their phone.  Or send them the link to free download location.  The booklet is still in BETA– but we feel its solid enough to get out now and share.

Feedback most welcome!  Can you help us out with the science, stats or art?  We especially need a vector illustrator to help us get the art in the book consistent and Indonesian contextual.

Download your free copy today!

07 Where does trash go?

Principal Authors:  Russell Maier, Ani Himawati

Illustrations:  El Tiburon Grande (Philippines), Jo Stodgel (U.S.A), Russell Maier (Canada), Astrid Gruber (Germany).

Photos:  Alex Sattler
Content Development:  Russell Maier, Ani Himawati, Pak Ngurah

Public Field testing:  Agung Sutama, Pak Ngurah