Students enjoy their lunch in the Ecobrick park of Balili Elementary School, Mt. Prov. , Philippines

Our pilot Ecobrick Food Forest Garden is in full bloom at Balili elementary.  I took this shot two days ago as several students enjoyed their lunch surrounded by vegetables, herbs and edible leaves.

Note the hanging beans in the top of the photo!  These students often have humble lunches– the girl in the cent had only rice and a hotdog for her meal.  I showed her how to tear up and add raw basil to her dish to add some flavor (and of course some much needed nutrients!).  The park is a showcase of how simple ecobricking can yield massively pratical results for schools.

The concept of Food Forest Play Parks is emerging as the ultimate goal of Ecobricking:  Green Spaces that provide a forest like ecosystem of food bearing plants, and a structure and design play and interact with this nature.

Best of all, using the Ecobrick methodology all this can be done by the students and staff using local resources.