Vision Ecobricks (VEB’s) are an exciting way that we can take action today to stop pollution and to start envisioning a healthier way of living with our environment.  Ecobricks give us a place to segregate and put plastics.  Visioning let’s us imagine how beautiful our community can be— it is the first step in shifting from old patterns to a new reality.  Afterall, unimaginative and short-sighted thinking is the root cause of pollution.

Ecobricks are designed to be an indefinitely reusable, cradle to cradle, building block.  With them we can build green spaces for our community.   They also become time capsules— a gift to future generations.   What will they think when they see yours?

Then, with our imaginations and our bricks we can build our visions!  Ecobricks allow inexpensive collaborations with students, parents and staff to almost zero-cost green spaces: play parks, gardens and food forests.

This site and our Vision Ecobrick Guide have been crafted to help you incorporate VEBs into your class and school curricula.

These resources are based on two years of research, experimentation and hands on work with remote schools in the Northern Philippines.  Since the Guide’s release to all 270 Mt. Province Schools, there has been a widespread adoption of Ecobricking as a community powered solution.  Ecobricking is now a family habit in countless households.  Burning and dumping and litter have been drastically reduced.  Ecobrick green spaces are being built and planned in every school.