New version! Plastic, the Environment & Ecobricks

oleh | Okt 8, 2018 | Featured, News | 0 Komentar

We’re super excited to release a full revamp of Plastic, the Environment and Ecobricks.  This is our flagship presentation, used by our trainers around the world, to raise ecological consciousness and introduce ecobricks. And it’s now better than ever!

After several months of slow and steady revisions, version 4.0 incorporates all-new lucid imagery by Indonesian cartoonist Fabianus Bayu.  With his lively human and animal characters we’ve delved deep into the connection between us and them.  Of course the core, underlying point of the presentation is: there is no such thing as us and them — we’re all in this together.  It’s only after this deep dive into the dangers of plastic and our interconnection to the ecosystems around us that the presentation goes into the steps of making ecobricks.

We’re releasing both the Indonesian and English v4.0 versions.

The presentation now includes slides addressing the latest GEA innovations and directions:  Ecobrick Earth Building, Personal Plastic Transition, and Brikcoins.  These slides are now strategically positioned at the end of the presentation, to assist trainers with their Question & Answer session.

Version 4.0 is now available in English and Indonesian, free as always, and ready to be copied and shared.  The source files are also available (Trainers see your GoBrik Trainer Panel) with all the text editable and ready to translate.  Contact us if you would like to assist translating the presentation into your language!

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