Two weeks ago I was able to meet some fellow basureros at a small dumpsite here in Bali! I was introducing the school of their kids to Ecobricks. These women make their livelyhood by sorting out the valuable plastic from the trash so that it can be recycled. Just like me! We shared stories from our experiences in our different places finding stuff in the trash– I told them about working in a recycling plants in Canada. It was super interesting because the dump site had already been picked through that day– all that was left was the unrecycleable plastics with no value– precisely those that are now going straight to dump sites or the ocean. These however, are perfect for making ecobricks! So, we gathered up a whole bunch and went back to the school to make ecobricks.

    I showed them the video of my friend’s Aida Aragon Liwan mother in Besao Philippines who re-made her house one ecobrick at a time ( . These ladies, who live in super humble homes, are excited and inspired to make ecobricks, furniture, and maybe even a house too!

    Thanks  to Rowena Timson a for the photos!