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Ecobrick Training are Designed to Mobilize & Empower Communities to take charge of their plastic

Get your community, business or organization fully zero waste with Ecobricks

Ecobrick General Presentations

Our general presentations are great for academic settings.  Our senior trainers can talk about the core Ecobrick philosophy and the sociology of the spread.

Ecobrick Starter Workshops

These three to four hour presentations cover all the bases.  Our trainers will present the perils of plastic, how to ecobrick, provide a hands-on session of packing and module making.

Training of Trainers

Or GEA ToT’s will equip your staff to go out and train others to Ecobrick.  Ideal for cities, municipalities and school boards that want to get to the root of their plastic problem.  Our last city went from 20 ecobrickers to 20,000 in three months.

GEA Trainers emerge certified and ready to build whole new worlds.

Ecobricking is a low-tech, social technology that has the potential to spread like wild fire. Within a matter of months, a workshop with 20 people can spread to reach thousands.

Our network of certified ecobrick trainers are on hand to help you and your community, school, business, city or organization get started ecobricking.  We have experts in different regions and in different specialties.  From packing plastic, module making, bottle building– to mobilizing entire cities, school boards, and religious organizations to go zero waste– we’ll do our best to help you get started.

Teaching Method

Our workshops and our training materials are designed to raise ecological consciousness first, and teach ecobricking second.  In our experience, understanding why ecobricking is important is even more important than knowing how to ecobrick or how to build.  This seeds a movement of deep and long term transformation.  You can find on our site, all of our training materials.  Jump right into to learning yourself, and when you’re ready, you’ll find all you need here to lead your own workshops.  You can also ask our experts a question using our support system (beta).

Learn from our experts

Of course, there’s nothing like learning from a veteran!  Our Global Ecobrick Alliance has members and certified GEA Trainers around the world.  They are on hand to joyfully help others solve their plastic problem. You can use our interactive map to locate and contact trainers near you.   Our trainers offer three types of workshops.  You can review the following documents to decided which best suits your needs, what you need to prepare, and the expectations of the trainers.


Ecobrick General Presentations

These lectures are intended for academic lectures or community presentations to decision makers on the phenomenon of ecobricks.  There is no hands on practice involved.  Often these presentations are a good precursor to Starter Workshops or ToT’s the following day.
Download: English PDF (2.1MB)



Ecobrick Starter Workshops

These workshops introduce plastic consciousness, ecobricking techniques, and ecobrick module making techniques to a group.  Learn the theory, the practice and the applications in one sitting.  Training sizes can range from 6 to 500 persons.
(PDF 500k):  English / Indonesian



Ecobrick Training of Trainers

ToTs are two to three day events that mobilize and empower a group of dedicated trainers or teachers to lead their own Ecobrick Starter workshops.  ToTs can accomodate up to 40 persons.  Participants received a GEA certificate and are then fully equipped to disseminate ecobricks through your network.
(PDF 500k):  EnglishIndonesia



Skype Online Training

We’re now offering 1 hour Skype training and Ecobrick info sessions.  Contact us to reserve a time using the form below.  Suggested donation: 50$ US via paypal.   Available in French, Indonesian, English, and Spanish.

Our ToTs and General Trainings are available globally by special request in Spanish, French, German, English, Javanese, and Indonesia.  When you’re ready, contact us using the form below to arrange a training.

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Photos from Ecobrick Trainings

Find a trainer

Use our interactive map to find fellow ecobrickers and ecobrick trainers near you.


 Or, contact us using the form below.

Why Ecobrick?

Ecobricks keep plastic and C02 out of the biosphere, raise ecological consciousness and… more!

Reasons to Ecobrick

Plastic is Poison

Through sun and water exposure, plastic breaks down into environmental toxins.  We need to be careful!

Learn More

Successful Trainer of Trainer participants are awarded a GEA Trainer Certificate.  They are emerge from the 2-3 day seminar ready to train others how to ecobrick and lead their own sessions.

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Also know as Eco Bricks, Eco-Bricks, Ecolladrillos, and bottle bricks, WikiPedia now officially recognizes the concept as a single word: Ecobrick.