Date: 05/18/2019
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Pub Function Room Norwich
Trainer: Tina McGrane
Participants: 7

Out of 26 peeps saying on FB they’d come only 7 actually attended.
But those girls are now my ‘lucky number seven’
as all 7 were committed, attentive and already very well informed about their plastic use and damage it may do.
We had a half hour interactive presentation. followed by a practical demonstration and a big chunk of time of making. Lunch and then more making.
I was able to share the two different module making techniques, silicone glueing and tire banding.
And as we waited for a rather nice pub lunch we looked through the Andrew report and discussed the possible building options for us.
Out of the 7 girls 5 logged their overweight, happy ecobrick.
All attendees are based in Norwich, I am in Dereham, 45minutes away, but we are planning on a monthly coffee and lunch and ecobrick session in the city. The girls based in Norwich will find a suitable venue and then we can go from there.

I made sure I had two modules and plenty of bricks to show.
I was worried about too many people to turn up without enough plastic or bottles so I brought loads in myself. The bottles collected from my village mum friends and plastic mainly magpied from supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi which still just bring in the pallets with plastic wrapped goods.

I also brought spare tools.
I luckily found out beforehand that there was no interactive white board, so I printed out key slides from the plastic and the environment presentation. I know printing stuff is not ideal but I will use them over and over again.

I was most worried about the presentation, tripping over my own tongue or forgetting stuff or not being able to hold/ win an argument, but the chat we had with prompts from the presentation was enjoyable and we all seemed to be eager to hear each others opinions.
The message of
‘there is no AWAY for plastic’
‘Ecobricking is an empowering tool to take personal response’
was clearly felt.

‘this is so nice, hanging out with like minded people’
was the nicest thing one of the participants said.

We were meant to start at 10 but the pub only opened at 10 so I felt a bit stressed setting up with all the girls there too.
but that did not seem to much of a problem for them….

adults who want to be there to learn and be the change they want to see are great to work with.
I’ll keep my tools and bits separate for next time as not to roll about in extra drumsticks, scissors …. which are useful to have as an extra but also a hassle on a small table.
have the handouts in right order in my folder as not to fuff about and get in a fluster when looking for the right picture.

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