Date: 03/20/2019
Type: Online Ecobrick Trainer Course
Location: Uk, Bosnia, Bali, Earth
Trainer: Russell Maier
Participants: 8

After four sessions over five weeks, our new GEA Ecobrick Trainers are ready to go! It was another great chance to meet folks passionate about solving plastic around the world. This time we had a unique mix of high school students, veteran environmentalists, teachers and a zero waste business owner.

Each session our participants were asked to go through a series of readings and hands-on homework– from making ecobricks, making modules with those ecobricks, to leading a full fledged workshop. Not everyone was able to keep up with the course demands, but those who did culminated their course with some amazing practicum workshops. Their experiences were rewarding for all of us to hear.


We now have six new GEA Trainers, who are now on our and ready and eager to lead Ecobrick Starter Workshops in their communities and beyond!


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