Date: 05/20/2022
Type: Online Ecobrick Course
Location: Mancherial, Telangana
Trainer: Swetha Gade
Participants: 5

I conducted a starter ecobrick workshop on 20th May in my home at 3:30pm with my children and neighbors. I informed them what is plastic? , hazards of platic and how to make ecobricks.

I collected the platic from my house and my neighbor’s house hold plastic. Seminar is conducted in my living room, I used the slides I downloaded the slides from ecobricks.org and presented in laptop. Earthwand is used to press the platic into pet bottles.

I invited my neighbour’s for the workshop along with my children by using the slides I presented it in the laptop. After explaining thoroughly I helped them to make a proper ecobrick.

My 9 yr old son was very enthusiastic to make the ecobrick.

Change first starts from ourselves.


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