Date: 11/18/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Rome
Trainer: Paula Apollonia
Participants: 5

This was the 2nd part of the Starter Workshop with a class of the Swiss School in Rome (Italy).
The first workshop was online 4 weeks before and the 2nd part with making Ecobricks was in person.
5 kids of the age 15-16 years.

7 same plastic bottles ready to get packed with plastic,
soft plastic for the bottom, wood stick

In the first Workshop the kids were already really interested and engaged with the topic.
So the in person workshop was a great success as we could dive deeper in the questions and the work process.

Some of the kids started to share their vision of Ecobrick towns and building, also to create in cities living places also for homeless people.

In person wokshops are so powerful!
Group motivation and shared vision are an important aspect of continuing the Ecobrick Work.


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