Date: 10/07/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Malvern, Worcestershire, England
Trainer: Alison Winters
Participants: 3

Participants already had reasonable level of knowledge but still found presentation interesting. All said they learned something. Lots of sharing ideas about cutting down on plastic, using other materials etc..All needed practical help with actual eco bricking, to use a technique that was effective but all keen to continue so will give further support to create projects.

Set up laptop to cast onto TV for presentation.
Prepared a making table with scissors etc..
Collected range of plastic, especially for coloured bases.
Made a module table to show,
Printed photo of earth eco brick pond to share.
Emailed participants beforehand.
COVID measures – ventilation and hand sanitizer.

Presentation and discussion.
Making eco bricks with further discussion around ways to cut down on plastic.
We ran over time but only because everyone was interested and keen to discuss issues further.

All were shocked when they saw the albatross picture, this had been the most moving for me too. But they hadn’t realised what they’d been looking at in the slide before which made it more shocking. This had real impact.

I didn’t know what knowledge group would have. One was an ex chemistry teacher with very high level knowledge of oil and plastics, but was able to use her expertise.

Try to get through presentation slightly quicker. Maybe jot down things to chat about later while eco bricking.


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