Date: 04/25/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Joclyn Cacaccio
Participants: 6

Due to COVID, I held a virtual workshop with a group of six! I wanted to share the start of my journey with ecobricks and this was my FIRST workshop for the trainer’s course.

The attendees were very much engaged by the information about plastic and had questions that showed they were going to take this information with them into their daily lives. I was really pleased with how inspired they were to really reflect on how they use plastic in their lives.

1. Set up a Facebook Event for the workshop and invited friends.
2. I had collected plastic and bottles so I had them in hand.
3. I decided on doing a virtual event due to COVID.
4. I practiced the presentation via the PDF document.

I went through all of the slides in order and there were questions throughout from the audience.

I had several friends reach out AFTER the workshop and ask questions about things they use that are plastic or are asking for advice to eliminate some form of plastic that they use!

I was the only one with a bottle and plastic. I did invite the audience members to bring bottles and plastic and wooden spoon/stick, but no one did.

I was very pleased about the workshop. Ideally, I will be doing IN-PERSON with my audience members! I also want to emphasize bringing the materials to make the ecobricks there.

I plan on hosting a second, but shorter workshop where we will make ecobricks!


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