Date: 05/01/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
Trainer: Kefilwe Rasedie
Participants: 7

This workshop was very interesting, it was my first workshop. I was a bit nervous even though most of the participants were my friends. Some participants were shy, did not engage much during our discussion.
Training was done in my house ( living room) on Saturday afternoon, May 1, 2021

I asked residents in my building to give me empty plastics and some were generous, they gave me lots of plastic they have been keeping in their shelves.
I was lucky, they gave me clean plastic bags.

I had to use my living room because I didn’t have money to rent alternative venue. I wanted to use church but they were charging R1000/hour

I bought 2rd hand projector and used my laptop to project on the wall. I had to use some dark curtains and blanket to make the room dark.

I also bought some snacks for participants.

1. I introduced myself and asked participants to introduce themselves
2. I introduced the ecobrick training session, stating the purpose of our workshop
3. After presentation, I asked participants if they have questions or comments. I asked them if they learnt anything new, how they will reduce the use of plastic in their homes.
4. We had some snacks and little break
5. We started doing ecobricks ( I cut the plastic for them and they made ecobricks using clean dry plastic and 500ml water bottles)
6. Some participants completed their ecobricks while some tried their best but didnt fill their bottles.
I had to drop some participants at bus station, so we ended our workshop after 3 hours.

The highlight of the workshop is when Jennifer and Luando were competing to register the highest grams( First Jennifer was leading with 201g but ended up with 208g while Lundo registered 212g). Participants just enjoyed it and were cheering.
Natasha was praised for making the most colourful ecobrick, but unfortunately she didn’t finish her ecobrick, but she was very proud of herself and danced a bit.

Buying 2rd hand projector was a challenge. I spent hours on gumtree looking for projector. Calling friends and reminding them to confirm the time. I had to pick some from bus station since they didn’t know my place.

– Try to relax and engage participants more. Try to make it fun and include snacks, I saw participants gain strength to make ecobricks after snacks, they were even laughing and passing jokes. Ecobricking can be a fun game like playing chess, brings people together and also help them to challenge each other in a healthy way. Gives people sense of pride when they see what they can make with just an empty bottle and plastic bag they throw away daily.

The presentation seemed a bit long and children were tired a bit, small boy started crying and disturbing his mother. Next time, I will prefer to have children in a separate room, keep them busy with toys.

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