Date: 03/23/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Concord, California
Trainer: Chloë De Smedt
Participants: 4

In early March, I gathered a group of classmates who were interested in ecobricking. We set up a tarp and cut a lot of plastic for our ecobricks, at our school. The plastic came from each of our household and some empty hand wipe packets from our school(we are using many of those now that we are back in person and have to disinfect the desks we sit in).

We collected plastic bags from our households, hand wipe packets from school, and plastic bottles from students who are attending college and have to use plastic water bottles as their source of drinking water. We set it up in the middle of our school’s main building, so many people passed by and became interested in what we were doing. I had some people sign up and I plan to host another workshop with them.

We spent about 2 hours collecting, cutting, and packing the ecobricks. Our goal is to construct a bench on our school campus before the school year ends in May.

We only had a few participants and lots of plastic to cut which made it difficult to complete the project with little time.


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