Date: 02/08/2021
Type: Online Ecobrick Course
Location: Concord, California
Trainer: Chloë De Smedt
Participants: 4

The workshop went well and the participants were all very interested in ecobricking. I hosted it at my school, Carondelet High School, in Concord, CA, USA, with our environmental leadership team, so they were all very engaged in asking and answering questions during the presentation and making of ecobricks.

I collected the plastic and brought it in. Many people had given me bottles, so those are what we used since they are all 500mL. We also used cut up balloons that our school had used for a party.

During the workshop, a teacher from my school came up to us to tell us what an amazing project this is and how it is a great solution to recycling!

It was hard to help everyone out with making the ecobricks since we had to stay distanced.

I think my pacing was good and the participants were able to follow along well. Based on the audience, I can ask more or fewer questions for certain slides.


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