Date: 02/13/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: TIEEDI, Darjeeling
Trainer: Roshni Rai
Participants: 27

Ecobrick Starter Workshop

Venue – TIEEDI Forest Classroom, Darjeeling Dist, West Bengal, India.

Tieedi is an environment conservation organisation based in Darjeeling. They practice Permaculture that teaches the art of working with Mother Nature

Date – 13th February, 2021

Time: 10:30am to 4pm.

GEA (Global Ecobrick Alliance) Certified Ecobrick Trainers- Ashim Khawas and Roshni Rai.

Support by – Certified Ecobrickers- Simon Pradhan and Aakash Ghimirey.

Session flows:

● The presentation on Plastic, the biosphere & ecobricks was presented by the trainers with beautiful examples, it was an extremely interactive session with mutual learning for every one involved.

● Guided ecobricking was done for 27 participants, who were divided into two groups. Each group was guided by GEA trainer & trained Ecobricker.

●Home cooked lunch was arranged according to GEA workshop guidelines.

● GoBrik account was created and ecobricks were logged by 27 participants.

● 27 ecobricks were made from the household segregated plastics .

●Square module was made using 16 ecobricks.

● Ecobricker certificates were presented to all 27 participants for making their 1st quality ecobrick as per GEA standards.

Following are the GEA certified ecobrickers from today’s workshop:

1.Bikash Chamling
2.Sonam Lama
3.Premmala Allay
4.Sarda Thapa
5.Reshmi Rasaily
6.Pratima Rai
7.Sandip Chettri
8.Bimal Thami
9.Divya Rai
10.Bhumika Tamang
11.Smita Subba
12. Veronica Rai
13.Bimlesh Rai
14.Yangee Dukpa
15.Ashika Lama
16.Sahil Nagar
17.Pransh Darjee
18.Kunal Ganju
19. Timothi Oraon
20. Mitud Mohan Rai
21.Pemala Tamang
22.Rosabella Gurung
23. Pallav Chettri
24.Lalita Rai
25. Binu Chettri
26. Rakhi Biswakarma
27. Utsow Pradhan

In total, we saved 2kg 185 grams of plastics from going into the biosphere


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