Date: 01/26/2021
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Pedong, Kalimpong, West Bengal
Trainer: Ashim Khawas
Participants: 36

Time: 10am to 3:30pm IST

GEA (Global Ecobrick Alliance) Certified Ecobrick Trainers- Ashim Khawas & Roshni Rai.

Session flows:

● 26th January, 2021 being the Republic Day of India, we started the workshop after singing our National Anthem.

● The presentation on Plastic, the biosphere & ecobricks was presented by GEA certified trainer Ashim Khawas with beautiful examples, it was an extremely interactive session with mutual learning for every one involved.

● Guided ecobricking was done for new participants assisted by trained ecobrickers
1. Ahaman Rai
2. Gracy Rai
3. Penemit Lepcha
4. Narip Lepcha
5. Akash Ghimiray
6. Bandita Sharma
7. Neha Thapa
8. Somika Rai
9. Anmol Mukhia
Participants were divided into 9 groups of 3-4 members. Each group was guided by GEA trainers & trained Ecobrickers.

●Home cooked lunch was arranged according to GEA workshop guidelines.

● GoBrik account was created and ecobricks were logged by each participants.

● 36 ecobricks were made from the household segregated plastics .

● From 19 logged ecobricks, Hexagonal ecobrick module was made using silicone sealant and tied with rope to hold ecobricks till silicone gets dried off.

● Ecobricker certificates were presented to the participants for making their 1st quality ecobrick as per GEA standards.

● Mr. Anindiyo Dutta, along with his crew members documented today’s ecobrick workshop. Mr. Dutta has made more than seventy documentaries and he has received several National and International awards for making documentaries in different subjects.

● From 3:30pm, Miss Ritika Chettri from Matridisha did her presentation on menstural health. Through her presentation, she made us aware that how the sanitary napkins are polluting the environment. Using menstrual cup or cloth pads can help us to curtail the environmental pollution, which is caused by soiled sanitary napkins.

● Our today’s Ecobrick Starter Workshop was attended by an Ex Airforce Officer Madam Padmaja Raghav as well.

Following are the names of the participants in today’s workshop along with their ecobrick weight in 250 ml Sting Bottle:

1.Saurav subba (128 g)
2.Apsana Tamang (128g)
3.Ritika rai (128g)
4.Ramisha rai (124g)
5.Doma lamu Bhutia (133g)
6.Kasak Dhakal (133g)
7.Rukhmani chettri (133g)
8.Mahendra chettri (118g)
9.Anjum Tamang (137g)
10.Ismeeta Rai (114g)
11.Kripa Rai (129g)
12.Kasish Rai (118g)
13.Uden Bhutia (118g)
14.Pramila Tamang (138g)
15.Priya Gurung (135g)
16.Ashmit lepcha(149g)
17.Aviraj hingmang(126g)
18.Pandora raghavan(131g)
19.Geetanjali sunam(110g)
20.Subani Biswakarma (109g)
21.Pushpanjali Sunam (121g)
22.Amisha bagdas (108g)
23.Samikcha dulal ( 125g)
24.Ritu Chettri ( 122g)
25.Rashmi Chettri (137g)
26.Upasana Rai (124g)
27.Prakash Pradhan (107g)
28.Nikita tamang(125g)
29.Yozna Tamang (120g)
30.Manisha Tamang (125g)
31.Ganita Rai (120g)
32.Neva kumari Sharma (135g)
33.Subhadra Rai (121g)
34.Rinzi Bhutia (116g)
35.Deo kumari Pradhan (129g)
36. Ritika Chettri (117g)

In total, we saved 4kg 374 grams of plastics from going into the biosphere by making 36 ecobricks


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