Date: 12/23/2020
Type: Earth Building Starter Workshop
Location: Kediri, Jawa Timur
Trainer: Alexander Setiaji

1. I could go deeper into my inner self easier. I could see and understand how my ego played around and how I should control my ego better.
2. I trusted and understood more my self, my partner, my friends
3. Mandala making helped to heal and cure emotional and physical health problem

Lessons learnt:
1. The material and ratio should be proper as already tested to produce solid earth module
2. In time of rainy, I should protect the module in process from the rain and wait until it solid and fully dried up
3. The cob must be in proper ratio as already tested and should not have too much water
4. Work alone is not really fun and sometime needed other’s help.
For next time:
1. Make the module using proper ratio, in a special place and secure it from the rain
2. Test the ratio of cob with binder to get proper ratio.
3. Work with partner.

Earth and sand ratio = 2:5. it has no cracked, still solid after washed in heavy rain 3 times.

binder = dried banana leave. It’s good enough, quite strong, easy to mix with earth and sands and easy to get it.

1. Rooftop Taman Pawon Asri.

At my rooftop in Kediri East Java, I already have small garden fish pond with around 15 cm height of surrounding wall made of stone. the pond size is about 1.5m x 2.5 m, nearly round shape. I’ll make additional 10-15 cm height of that small garden fish pond to allow me plant bigger trees / flower. I’ll just put ecobricks horizontally (thin structure) and cobs from soil, sand and paddy straw/banana leaf. The structure will not be used for sitting. It needs 34-42 ecobricks, 2 medium sacks of soil, 5 medium sacks of sands and a small pile of binder. I ‘ll also make 2 medium flower pots which needs 80-100 ecobricks, 2 medium sacks of soil, 5 medium sacks of sands and a small pile of binder. I wish my wife, all 2 of my children and 2 ecobrickers/friends will be involved in this project.

2. Eco Children playground
I’ll make children playground at my house in Kediri East Java. My kids will be able to play ecobrick bowling, throwing ball (“lempar bola”) into ecobrick cage, blind soccer penalty game to small goal target made of ecobricks, and other simple games using ecobricks. It needs 50-60 ecobricks. I’ll involve all my family and 1-2 ecobrickers.


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