Date: 12/20/2020
Type: Community Starter Workshop
Location: Pedong
Trainer: Roshni Rai
Participants: 31

*Ecobrick Starter Workshop*

Venue – Damsang Guest House, Pedong, Kalimpong Dist, West Bengal, India.

Date – 20th December, 2020

Time: 10am to 4pm.

GEA (Global Ecobrick Alliance) Certified Ecobrick Trainers- Ashim Khawas/ Roshni Rai /Anubhav Swara.

Session flows:

● The presentation on Plastic, the biosphere & ecobricks was presented by all the three trainers with beautiful examples, it was an extremely interactive session with mutual learning for every one involved.

● Guided ecobricking was done for new participants, who were divided into 6 groups of 5 members. Each group was guided by GEA trainers & trained Ecobrickers.

●Home cooked lunch was arranged according to GEA workshop guidelines.

● GoBrik account was created and ecobricks were logged by each participants.

● 24 ecobricks were made from the household segregated plastics .

● From 19 logged ecobricks, Hexagonal ecobrick module was made using silicone sealant and tied with rope to hold ecobricks till silicone gets dried off.

● Ecobricker certificates were presented to the participants for making their 1st quality ecobrick as per GEA standards.

Following are the GEA certified ecobrickers from today’s workshop:

1) Sit Tshering Lepcha
2) Salomi Rai
3) M. K Thapa
4) Sanchita Rai
5) Sabina Tamang
6) Jashmina Sherpa
7) Reeta Rai
8) Reha Thapa
9) Neha Thapa
10) Prajjwal Sinha
11) Gracy Rai
12) Sonam Palzor Bhutia
13) Kunzang Bhutia
14) Sudanshu Tiwari
15) Margaret Rai
16) Bandita Sharma
17) Seema Rai
18) Anisha Chettri
19) Sneha Rai
20) Penemit Lepcha
21) Akash Biswakarma
22) Somika Rai
23) Priyanka Kumari Pandey
24) Arman Pradhan
25) Ahaman Rai
26) Lalita Gurung
27) Sanjive Rai
28) Anmol Mukhia
29) Simon Pradhan
30) Chogyal Bhutia
31) Anindya Dutta

Venue was Roshni’s resident. Plastic was collected from shop in Pedong. Plastics bottles were from a mandir.

It was very interactive session.

Anindya Dutta, documentary director made a ecobrick and we certified him as a ecobricker.

People were hurrying to leave due ro short winter day.

Not necessary to explain technical expects to all the crowds.


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